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Show your own perspective and voice though photography

creativity storytelling Mar 09, 2020

It's so common in today's world to do everything like everyone else. We seek to be someone different and to be someone else that we hardly think about how to express ourselves as photographers. We forget sometimes that this art form was created to show your own perspective and voice what you want to tell to the world.

I've been lost in my creative endeavors for many years. I've tried to photograph everything in my career: from products to weddings; from families to commercial fashion photoshoots. It took me a while to understand what it truly means to be a photographer and to find my path to creativity and authenticity.

But here I am, 10 years later, showing a path for other photographers how they can grow and change. 

Because after all, photography allows you to talk about your point of view. You choose what to show in the shot and how to composition it, what to tell with it. And photography is another subjective art form that helps people to experience themselves...

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