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How We Created Our Photo Studio and You Can Too

photo studio Oct 28, 2019

If you ever wondered how to start your own photo studio or you just really interested in how we started then this post is for you!

When opening Golomigo studio, our goal was to build a creative space that we could work in and share with other creators. When planning this huge step, we decided that we don’t want our studio to be just for us. This studio is designed to be rented out and shared with all kinds of different photographers and like-minded people. This is first and foremost a shared creative space.

First steps

The most important step was to find commercial quarters in a good location. And so we did. But the condition of this place was horrible. We had to reconstruct everything from the ground. The first thing we did when we signed the lease, was throwing out awful Soviet decorations and tearing down some walls. Instead of old concrete walls, we build plasterboard ones. We worked day and night – building, painting, cleaning – to make our studio the way we...

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