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How to Create Printable Digital Backdrops

9 step-by-step lessons on how to create, prepare, and print digital backdrops

✅ Introduction to AI Creation Process

✅ Choosing the Right AI Tools

✅ Resizing, Scaling, and Variations

✅ Creating Unique Backdrops in Any Style

✅ Photoshop Editing Essentials

✅ Crafting Draping Fabric and Elements

✅ Formats and Sizes for Printing

Preparing for Printing

✅ Finding the Right Printing Company

🎁 70 Digital Arch Backdrops
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Course Releasing Date: February 21st.

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Make Backdrop Masterclass 2.0 

4.98/5 (from 260+ students)

This exclusive video collection delves into sparking creativity, enhancing your photography, mastering studio setups, crafting backdrops, and discovering your distinct style.

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40 Actionable Reel Ideas

4.9/5 (from 16k+ students)

Designed not just to attract eyes but to truly engage your audience, educate them, and ultimately drive sales.
Visibility: Reels amplify reach.

Engagement: Boost interaction.
Education: Offer insights.
Sales: Drive conversions.

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2024 Proven Content Ideas for Photographers

Unlock 2024 TMS Viral Content Calendar: We analyzed 1,000+ viral contents & distilled them into a year of content ideas, hooks, & CTAs for photographers.

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3.1m EXTRA Wide Canvas

The canvas will come rolled in one piece rolled.

Width: 3.1m (10.2ft)

Length: 25m (82ft) roll (max)

Weight: 285g/m2 (10oz.)
We guarantee no seams in the fabric. 

We ship only in Europe (EU)


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From Ghosted to Booked 

4.9/5 (from 430+ students)

21 Professional Email Templates for Photographers. Crafted to various client interactions, ensuring you never fall short of words again. NO MORE SILENT INBOXES

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ChatGPT Business Mastery: Marketing and Roadmap

4.96/5 (from 150+ students)

ChatGPT Business Mastery Fits from Self-Employed Professionals to Small Business Owners. Boost your online presence, grow your business, and amplify your productivity 10x.

Dive in!

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The Wardrobe Guide for Clients

4.98/5 (from 470+ students)

Discover the Wardrobe Guide for Portraits - the ultimate guide to selecting the perfect outfits for your photography sessions. Elevate your client experience and take your portraits to the next level.

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Make Backdrop Bootcamp

4.94/5 (from 7,300+ students)

Looking to instantly elevate your portrait photography? Utilize our tried-and-true method for crafting exceptional backdrops and capturing stunning portraits, step by step.

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