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Hi—I’m Justin, and I guide photographers and creators in mastering their business, elevating their work, and living a procrastination-free life.

As a photographer, educator, and mentor to fellow creatives, I connect deeply with the life of a solopreneur. For me, it’s about molding a life seamlessly blended with my passion and creativity.

In the art of immortalizing moments and emotions, I am not driven by the desire for more but by the pursuit of profound satisfaction. Every captured image and undertaken project mirrors this ongoing journey towards both artistic and personal enrichment.

In our world, the artist’s community is grounded in principles of simplicity and efficiency. Our creative spaces—studios or projects—are marked by agility and focus. While many of us often stand as the sole force steering our creative journeys, the fusion with freelancers and assistants brings an enriched diversity and vigor to our artistic pursuits.

It's all about living a creative, fun, and enjoyable life. 

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Join 16k+ readers of Compass of Profit for tips, strategies, and resources to launch, grow, and monetize your photography business.

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