We help photographers to create backdrops

Meet Eisve and Justinas

Eisve and Justinas are two individuals with a passion for creativity — creativity makes them happy.

They are founders of #1 Best-selling Online Photography course and creators of MakeBackdrop Principles.

Their mission is to show photographers how they can tranfrom their work with hand-painted backdrops. And with this mission The Migo Studio was born.

Eisve and Justinas are teaching hundreds of photographers how they can create backdrops and transform their photography.

Become a photographer you are meant to be.

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"I'm sooo glad that I bought your lessons! I was looking for a course like this for so many years. Thank you very much for creating it :)) "

Newborn and Maternity photographer

"I'm glad finally I can start to do my own backdrops, this course really help me a lot, Thanks to Eisvė and Justinas!"

Marcos Aspiazu
Fashion and Beauty Photographer

"I wanted to thank for getting me started making backdrops. I wanted to do it for a long time, but had been really nervous to get started and their videos gave me so many different techniques that I felt comfortably painting. Thank you guys! It helped our photos, it allowed me to feel that I not only control the subject and what they are wearing but also the background. And it made it really painterly and that’s the look that I go for. "

Kayt Silvers
Portrait, Editorial, Lookbook, and Catalog Photography

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