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The Migo Studio About Us:

The Secret Of Portrait Photography

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Portrait Photography Skills?

After building three successful photo studios, creating handmade photo backdrops, and working as an up-level portrait photographer for years, it’s time to spill the beans. My name is Justinas Lekavicius, I’m the founder of The Migo Studio, and I’m here to help you take your portrait photography game to the next level.

Always Keeping Your Needs In Focus

Whether you are a complete beginner starting your portrait photography journey, or an established photographer with your own studio, I can help you avoid common (and costly) mistakes, learn how to paint your own unique backdrops from scratch, and become a successful photographer.

Why Trust Me?

It’s simple. I have walked the walk. Every single method, strategy, and tactic has been painstakingly tested, and proven, so that you can save your time, effort, and money. Together, we will embark on your photography adventure, and see where the road takes us!

Justinas, the founder of Migo Studio.

Become a photographer you are meant to be.


"I am a bit obsessed with making backdrops. This weekend I made 4 backdrops (one is double-sided, so 5 in total to be exact), two of them can be seen in the first photo. Other photos are from the backdrops I did in the last (one is really huge, 3x4 m - I ordered the fabric from Migo studio and primed it myself)." - Prav.Posebno

"I'm sooo glad that I bought your lessons! I was looking for a course like this for so many years. Thank you very much for creating it :)) "

Newborn and Maternity photographer

"I'm glad finally I can start to do my own backdrops, this course really help me a lot, Thanks to Eisvė and Justinas!"

Marcos Aspiazu
Fashion and Beauty Photographer

"I wanted to thank for getting me started making backdrops. I wanted to do it for a long time, but had been really nervous to get started and their videos gave me so many different techniques that I felt comfortably painting. Thank you guys! It helped our photos, it allowed me to feel that I not only control the subject and what they are wearing but also the background. And it made it really painterly and that’s the look that I go for. "

Kayt Silvers
Portrait, Editorial, Lookbook, and Catalog Photography

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