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Hand-Painted Backdrop: The Secret to Capture Great Photos Anywhere

photography tips Oct 20, 2019

You want to create the perfect photos for your clients and you go on location scouting, but you can’t find the right place to fulfill your idea. You hang your head and order a photo studio rental for that photoshoot. Have you ever experienced this?

Then after that photoshoot on the white color backdrop, you realize it’s all the same.

Your photos were taken on a white, clean, consistent backdrop. It’s boring. You think you can’t do interesting work where you live. You think to yourself, if you lived in Norway or had the money to travel to Paris or New York, you’d DEFINITELY find some good places to take photos, right? The problem is the location, not the photographer...

But not so fast! One size doesn’t fit all. There is a great solution to make great pictures anywhere even if you are photographing in a dessert. That one missing element in your photography is a hand-painted backdrop.

If you’re itching to try something new or looking for creative ways to brand your category pages and product images, here is an alternative approach to white or single color backgrounds that successful photographers are using today.

Transform Your Surroundings

Here’s my backstory. Not long ago, I changed my photo studio to newer and bigger quarters. It had to undergo a lot of work and refurbishing before I was able to use it for photoshoots. Nevertheless, I was racing against time as I had clients who were desperately needed to photograph their new clothing collection and I had to figure something out quickly.

I had the place where I could shoot the collection but it was far from ready to make a good looking photoshoot, having been left in ruins for a number of years.

So, I made a decision. I decided to use our own hand-painted backdrop which would isolate the awful walls and photographs on that. After the photo session, nobody even suspected I photographed the collection on a construction site. That’s how transformational it was!


Use Your Hand-painted Backdrop in Nature

No other backdrop is as portable as a hand-painted backdrop. Hand-painted backdrops won’t tear or scuff or develop other signs of wear like seamless paper and vinyl backdrops can. I took one of our created hand-painted backdrops to the forest to make an extraordinary photo session.

I used a green forest floor and our backdrop as a background. I let the tree shadows fall on the backdrop to create an astonishing view. I would have never been able to create these shadows in my studio and it would be too much work just to imitate the forest floor. All in all, hand-painted backdrops allow me to create amazing pictures despite the location.

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