Creative Portrait Academy

The most comprehensive program for painting and using backdrops to up-level your photography

Creative Portrait Academy is the only step-by-step program that not only shows you how to create backdrops like a pro - but how to use backdrops and create unique photography style. 

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Whether you're photographing...




Business Portraits





You're in the right place because all the backdrops and photos are made by our students. I'm going to tell you exactly how Creative Portrait Academy will give you the step-by-step system, inspiration, and support on your journey to create and use backdrops. 

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By the end of the program you will have:

✅Nailed down the process of creating backdrops.

✅Plenty different texture creation options to choose from.

✅Learned how to use backdrops with the behind the scenes footage.

✅Created your own unique style with your own hand-painted backdrops.

 ✅Created different backdrop studio sets for the photoshoots.

✅Leveraged to get different moods in your portraits.

✅And the opportunity to make any creative idea into reality.

But above all else...

Creative Portrait Academy will give you the confidence to create backdrops, hone in your own unique style, and up-level in portrait photography

"I had no experience in painting and how a hand-painted background could be made!

Their simple and clear course allowed me to create my backdrops, as I had desired them so much. This allowed me to save a lot of money, given the high cost they have. I recommend their courses and immediately you can create your desired backdrop. Thanks for the kindness and commitment that you put into making this happen."



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Your Membership Includes:

The 9 Key Modules

Old Walls Textures

Subtle Textures

Concrete Wall Textures

Dramatic Textures

Deep and Moody Textures

Dark And Mystic Textures

How to Use Backdrops

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Filipe created many double sided backdrops and have 19 textures in his studio now

"The other day I was at my studio and I took pictures of all the backdrops I made. I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you guys."



"You helped and inspired me to start this creative path. You’ll have a big part in all of my shoots 😉

Thank you again for being so supportive and always open to share your knowledge. Also tips and tricks that you could totally keep secret."



"Can't image my life without your course. Thanks to all saints for you 😘

Backdrops changed my life. I created various backdrops in different colors and with different textures. I really wanted to paint backdrops, but didn't know how."



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Save THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars, find your unique personal style with hand-painted backdrops which will lead to long-term success and getting perfect clients. This is the path for building your best photo studio sets!

Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.

Creative Portrait Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step backdrops creation program for photographers who are excited and COMMITTED to creating and using backdrops. 

By the end of 30-days you will have received access to an entire Creative Portrait Academy.

Meaning you'll have had the opportunity to create your hand-painted backdrop BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel total confident in creating backdrops simply reach out, show us you've put in the work (attach images of a step-by-step process how you created your backdrop, and will refund your investment). 
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Hi, my name is Justinas

I’m a co-founder of the Migo Studio where we show you how you can create photography backdrops and I have been a photographer for more than 10 years.

I have had 3 photo studios throughout my career and I mentor other photographers how they can make their creative space, how to create backdrops, and up-level their portrait photography. And by doing that, save thousands of dollars. Which is really important when you are just starting out or want to save all that money and invest it somewhere else. 

Some of my students SAVED more than $10,000 by creating their own backdrops.

If this is something you want to learn then Creative Portrait Academy is for you!

These Photographers Have Used My Methods To Create Backdrops

 Here's what my students say about my courses:

"I am doing my backdrops for a while now but was never 100% satisfied. Your tutorial gave me the last final touch. Thanks for that!" —Sebastian Kiener

"You are both amazing. You will change everything for my studio an dI will be forever grateful for that." —Bev McEvoy

"I began looking for alternatives to purchased drops when I stumbled across this gold mine. I used their techniques to create the best drops in my studio. It has elevated my work significantly and helped me to better hone in my style of imagery." — Sean Johnson

"Thanks for the course, it was really helpful." —Marco Mulattieri

"I love their workshop! It saves me a lot of time and money." —Heymo Studio

"I had no experience in painting. Their simple and clear course allowed me to create backdrops as I desired. "—Alessandro Scepi

The BEST Time to Enroll in The Creative Portrait Academy Is Right Now!

We urge you to listen to your creative self and see it as an opportunity to invest in your photography business.

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