The Migo Studio is founded by creative duo -
Eisve and Justinas

Eisve and Justinas are two individuals with a passion for creativity — creativity makes them happy. They have founded The Migo Studio as an online space for photographers to learn and grow. Eisve and Justinas are teaching photographers how to make backdrops, upgrade creative space and up-level in photography.  

Justinas is a photographer with an experience of more than 10 years and he came up with an idea to create his own backdrops. His goal is to teach other photographers to create  backdrops and in the process save thousands of dollars. Justinas will teach you everything you need to know to spark creativity and tell stories though your photography. 

Eisve is a creative strategist and she teaches you the principles on how to succeed. She shows how to overcome fears in a creative process. Her goal is that you would have every tool and confidence you need to create marvellous backdrops and have a sustainable photography business.

Together they are creators of the online courses and memberships trusted by hundreds of photographers and widely known for teaching in the areas of Painting Photography Backdrops and Being Creative and Telling Stories through Photography.


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