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Learn How To Create Backgrounds For Your Photography Genre

Food + Drink

Photograph food and drinks, and clean any spills easily on the water resistant surfaces

Handmade Items

Match your personal style in the photos with your own backgrounds


Perfect the shot by laying the clothes on unique looking backgrounds 

Beauty + Products

Add an extra flair to your products shots with realistic surfaces

When You Join Light Mood Bundle,
Get A Full Instant Access To The Course

Module 1: How To Create Timeless Surfaces

✅ What Do You Need To Know BEFORE Creating Backgrounds
✅ How To Use Different Types Of Plasters 
✅How To Prepare Your Background Surface For Creating Textures
✅ How To Use Different Tools To Create Unique Results
✅ The Ultimate Tools List For Subtle Look In Your Backgrounds


Module 2: How Layering Works In Background Creation Process

✅ How To Create Your Ideal Light Mood Backgrounds
✅ How To Use Layers To Achieve A Really Realistic Look In Your Surfaces
✅ How To Finish The Background That It Would Be Water And Stain Resistant
✅ How To Achieve A Glare Free Finish On Your Texture
✅ The Proven Steps For Layering Process


Module 3: How To Create A Detailed Structure Using Specific Tools

✅ How To Choose And Use More Tools To Create More Surfaces
✅ The Best Practices To Create Texture With No Painting Experience
The Most Proven Workflow To Get Surfaces Done FAST
✅ How To Make Texture With Minimal Relief
How To Make Your Backgrounds Stain-Free


Module 4: How To Create Smooth And Subtle Textures

✅ Define How The Dried Color Will Look Before Painting
✅ How To Create More Smother And Subtle Textures
✅ Easy To Follow Steps & Templates To Remove The Confusion
✅ The Ultimate Guidance To Help You Stay On Track When Creating Difficult Surfaces
How To Get Different Light Color Tones And Shades


Yes, I Want To Create Backgrounds

Here's a summary of everything you get...

The Complete Light Mood Bundle Course

✔️ So you can start and create your first food or products backgrounds, you're getting: How To Create Timeless Surfaces ($25 Value)

✔️ So you can quickly make Light Mood Backgrounds with our step-by-step formula and make them water and stain resistant, you're getting: How Layering Works In Background Creation Process ($50 Value)

✔️ So you can make new backgrounds effortlessly, choose and use new tools, you're getting: How To Create A Detailed Structure Using Specific Tools ($37 Value)

✔️ So you can create detailed structure and unique look for your photos, you're getting: How To Create Smooth And Subtle Textures ($37 Value)


But WAIT! That's Not All...

Bonus #1: Stands To Hold Backgrounds

Create custom-fit stands for your backgrounds to hold two surfaces in an L-configuration. So that you could create that table/wall effect.

Bonus #2: Access To Private Facebook Community

So you can get help, support and feedback on your backgrounds creation journey. Connect with like-minded photographers and take part in Q&A sessions to ensure your creative journey is effective ($97 Value)

Bonus #3: The Migo Studio App

Get On The Go Access to course content & updates with the App so you never lose progress on your phone or computer ($Priceless Value)


100% Money Back Guarantee!

This won't work if you don't try it! But if you join Dark Mood Bundle, implement and complete the action steps, use the group for questions and won't be able to create backgrounds, we will provide extra coaching support to help you on your creative journey or issue you a full 100% refund within 14 days. 

✔️3 Different Textures To Create & Use To Photograph Your Photo Objects On Unique Surfaces

✔️Lifetime Access From June 10th To The Entire Course Content For You To Go At Your Own Speed

✔️​Videos And Swipe Files Of How To Create Your Own Hand-Painted Backgrounds Without Any Painting Experience​

✔️Access To The Inner Circle Community Group For Support & Q&A Sessions

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Regular Price $149
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