MakeBackdrop Masterclass 

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$397 We created a special video series that focuses on creating hand-painted backdrops. This comprehensive course delivers 10 textures that will show you how to use the main tools and painting techniques.
Also, there are additional bonuses that come with the course. Such as member-only group, additional textures and more.
When you purchase the course, you can watch right away, streaming from our website and download an app to watch on your phone.

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In total, you get access to over $550 in bonuses…

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What Our Students Created

You deserve to have as many backdrops as you like for your photography business


You have nothing to worry about. We offer full refunds up to 30 days after submitting proof that you did the work. Full details here


The limits are lifted because your class will play in any modern browser anywhere.

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Meet Eisve and Justinas

Eisve and Justinas are two individuals with a passion for creativity — creativity makes them happy.

Their mission is to show photographers how they can transform their work with hand-painted backdrops. With this mission, The Migo Studio was born.

Eisve and Justinas have taught thousands of photographers how they can create backdrops and transform their photography.

What our students say about
MakeBackdrop Masterclass


Miguel Colinet

For the price of the masterclass and all the materials needed to create backdrops, I was able to make 5 backdrops in a short time. For the same price, I would only be able to purchase one painted backdrop from the company I purchased before. 

Donnamaria Robinson Jones

"I cannot thank Eisvė, Justinas enough for providing a platform and the motivation to make this first backdrop exactly what I’d hope for. It was a combination of different techniques. I must say there were lots of lessons learned."

David Choong

"thanks for the classes... it taught me what I needed to know...I had problems due to my color blindness. The course you have and its content is like the main dish. Now I can improvise from here."


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We urge you to listen to your creative self and see it as an opportunity to invest in your photography business.

We totally believe this course will help you create your unique style which is a crucial part of the photographic process. The theory in this course transcends photography backdrops and can be applied to backdrops as a whole. However, the content was made specifically on big photography backdrops focusing on photographing people. But many food photographers used our course to create smaller backdrops without a vignette on their backdrops and they still got a lot of value and used all the textures we have taught. 

I Guarantee Results & Satisfaction - or Your Money Back!You bet-ya! We genuinely want you to succeed, which is why we offer a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you do the work, implement the core techniques simply let us know within 30-days if you’d like a refund. Terms and conditions here

Good question! The course materials are shared as video content. We’ll cover key ideas for preparation, priming process and choosing colors before diving into the textures. There are also worksheets for each texture with the main steps, so you stay on top of the new knowledge bombs you’ll be learning. The course duration is 8 weeks, but there is also no time limit on the course so you can learn at your preferred pace. Take in one new lesson a day or binge watch. It’s just like Netflix; fits right in your schedule.

We started with zero experience in painting, so we totally understand you. All techniques and textures don't require any painting skills and will be delivered to you in an easy step by step way. The course doesn't require any previous knowledge about colors, tools, techniques or painting in general.

We didn’t create MakeBackdrop Masterclass to be a huge system to gather digital dust in your inbox—instead, it was specifically created to give actionable, to-the-point steps so you can get through it in about 8 weeks … the goal is to teach you how to create backdrops so you can start making your own photography backdrops! Most of our students have said that they were able to knock it out in short spurts in the evenings and weekends. The beauty of it all? The worksheets and curriculum are there for you to constantly reference as you will be creating your backdrops.

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