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How I Take Natural Light Portraits WITH BACKDROP IN WATER!

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2022

I like to experiment and use backdrops in different ways, so I decided to do a photoshoot with a background in the lake. Backdrops can be used wherever you want: in the forest, city, water, desert, studio, in the client's home, or anywhere else.
There are no restrictions.

You may be wondering if something happened to the backdrop.


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3 Things EVERY Studio Portrait Photographer Should Have!

Hey Guys,
these are 3 things you need to start your portrait photography. You can easily create your portfolio with these three elements. Just create a studio in your garage, home, or backyard.

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Channel Trailer

Welcome to my photography channel.

My name is Justinas Lekavičius and I'm a portrait photographer. My vision is to create a high-quality Youtube channel for portrait photographers who are looking for a unique and creative perspective to their works.

Here is a quick video introduction to this channel. From now on, I will release one video per week, so if you want to see what is coming up please subscribe to my channel. Also, if there’s anything you would like to see let me know in the comments which topics you are interested in the most.

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How to Set Up a Photo Studio Outdoors

backdrop Mar 18, 2021

Creating your first photo studio can seem like a challenging task. But what if I told you that you can set up a studio outdoors - using a backdrop and natural light, shadows, and other elements that you can't find elsewhere easily.

Watch the video to see how you can use backdrops outside and learn the tricks of how to use the natural elements in your shot!


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Invisible Backdrop Hanging System


In this video, I'll show you how to hang the backdrops using our invisible hanging system. This way you can use the backdrop and surroundings in the shot because none of the system details will be visible. It's my favorite way to hang the backdrop!

Also, the stands are heavy enough to use it outdoors for photoshoots when I want to use beautiful nature, architecture, or something else that I cannot bring to the studio.

It's an amazing system that you can learn how to use.

Click here and learn how to create backdrops

Here's exactly what you can use:
Or you can also use this system.
Nr. 2


Do you want to learn how to create...

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Show your own perspective and voice though photography

creativity storytelling Mar 09, 2020

It's so common in today's world to do everything like everyone else. We seek to be someone different and to be someone else that we hardly think about how to express ourselves as photographers. We forget sometimes that this art form was created to show your own perspective and voice what you want to tell to the world.

I've been lost in my creative endeavors for many years. I've tried to photograph everything in my career: from products to weddings; from families to commercial fashion photoshoots. It took me a while to understand what it truly means to be a photographer and to find my path to creativity and authenticity.

But here I am, 10 years later, showing a path for other photographers how they can grow and change. 

Because after all, photography allows you to talk about your point of view. You choose what to show in the shot and how to composition it, what to tell with it. And photography is another subjective art form that helps people to experience themselves...

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How We Created Our Photo Studio and You Can Too

photo studio Oct 28, 2019

If you ever wondered how to start your own photo studio or you just really interested in how we started then this post is for you!

When opening Golomigo studio, our goal was to build a creative space that we could work in and share with other creators. When planning this huge step, we decided that we don’t want our studio to be just for us. This studio is designed to be rented out and shared with all kinds of different photographers and like-minded people. This is first and foremost a shared creative space.

First steps

The most important step was to find commercial quarters in a good location. And so we did. But the condition of this place was horrible. We had to reconstruct everything from the ground. The first thing we did when we signed the lease, was throwing out awful Soviet decorations and tearing down some walls. Instead of old concrete walls, we build plasterboard ones. We worked day and night – building, painting, cleaning – to make our studio the way we...

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How to Choose The Best Photography Backdrop

photography tips Oct 20, 2019

Almost every professional photographer has been in a situation where he needs to take a headshot and all you have to put your subjects in front of is a wall. According to photographers portrait background can help minimize post-processing and time. And in this and other situations, whether you are shooting people or products, the photography backdrop behind your subject can make or break your image.

Well, there are many advantages to use a photography backdrop to improve your photography. But you also need to decide what type of backdrops you will use.

You can choose from seamless paper, muslin backdrop and painted canvas.

They are all good, but their properties are very different. We will go through the differences to see which one is the best!

You Need a Transportable Backdrop

If you shoot outside of a fixed photo studio location, you’ll need to transport your backdrop. Muslin and canvas are easier to transport than seamless paper since they can be folded or rolled up. The...

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Hand-Painted Backdrop: The Secret to Capture Great Photos Anywhere

photography tips Oct 20, 2019

You want to create the perfect photos for your clients and you go on location scouting, but you can’t find the right place to fulfill your idea. You hang your head and order a photo studio rental for that photoshoot. Have you ever experienced this?

Then after that photoshoot on the white color backdrop, you realize it’s all the same.

Your photos were taken on a white, clean, consistent backdrop. It’s boring. You think you can’t do interesting work where you live. You think to yourself, if you lived in Norway or had the money to travel to Paris or New York, you’d DEFINITELY find some good places to take photos, right? The problem is the location, not the photographer...

But not so fast! One size doesn’t fit all. There is a great solution to make great pictures anywhere even if you are photographing in a dessert. That one missing element in your photography is a hand-painted backdrop.

If you’re itching to try something new or looking for...

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