1-Texture Workshop

★★★★★ (Reviews at the bottom)

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This is the first workshop where you will learn how to create backdrops with all the preparation, priming, 
and choosing colors included.
This is the most in-depth workshop on how to create backdrops.

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Imagine this

You can create a photo studio at your clients' home, office, or in the middle of the forest with hand-painted backdrops. All you need is the knowledge on how to create backdrops and use your unlimited creative potential to capture authentic portraits.

Fill your photo studio with backdrops!

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Same texture created by our students in different colors

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1-Texture Workshop

★★★★★ (Reviews at the bottom)

Preparation - Value $20
Priming - Value $20
Colors - Value $27
Olive Texture - Value $100

Total Value: $167

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🔊 Audio: English
CC Subtitle: English, Spanish
♾️Lifetime access

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JUST $27


"You guys rock for making it available! Video that are reachable for anyone at any level of photography - beginners to expert. I've never created a painted backdrop, but I've always wanted to. I don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to own one." - Penelope Peralta

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1 Hour 12 Minutes

You will get access to detailed video lessons which you will be able to watch any time you want.

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3 Lessons

3 Lessons with a step-by-step system how to create backdrops and Olive texture.

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You will receive unlimited lifetime access to this 100% exclusive content only available on The Migo Studio

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All our 1-Texture Workshop videos are recorded in English and have English, Spanish subtitles.

Yes, I Want Create Backdrops
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The BEST time to create backdrops is now!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee!

This won't work if you don't try it! But if you join 1-Texture Workshop, implement and complete the action steps, use the group for questions and won't be able to create backgrounds, we will provide extra coaching support to help you on your creative journey or issue you a full 100% refund within 14 days. 

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What our students' say about 1-Texture Workshop


"I have watched many many videos and watched many people try and teach this.  But always important information is missed out.  You haven’t held back at all!!! You have shown step by step but not only that explained the why behind the steps you take.  BEST COURSE EVER!!!!! I am now looking at my bank account to see if I can afford the master class.  AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for this incredible amazing course."


"I love this workshop! It saves me a lot of time and money. Directly my first self painted backdrop was beautiful! Perfect tips and easy to use!"
- Moritz


"This class is SOOO what I was looking for. Incredible amount of information and huge value"
- Shawn


"A very comprehensive class on everything you need to know about how to make backdrops"
- Peter


"Highly recommend this course. Everything is very detailed and easy to replicate painting steps."
- Jemma


"Wow I saw where I made mistakes and now I know where is a problem that I need to fix. This is very informative and  detailed"
- David


"Thank you so much for sharing your all the knowledge! I painted two backdrops myself a few years ago, but I didn't like them. So it is good to hear proven methods. I love olive colors and this texture."


"Most detailed version I've seen yet. I just ordered all the tools and materials for this backdrop and I can't wait to start painting. Maybe I will be able to make one before Christmas."
- Jenny