1-Texture Workshop

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You'll learn how to create this texture

Learn all of the fundamentals to create a subtle texture for your backdrops. This is one of the easiest textures that you can create and it looks fabulous in photos.

1. Welcome from Eisve and Justinas

This backdrop roadmap should be used as a guide and starting place to create your first (or tenth) backdrop.

Remember that you can do this. Watch these lessons and you will be ready to create photography backdrops!

2. Preparation and Priming

Inside this module, you'll learn how to prepare for the backdrop creation process. 

This is a very important part to know because it will determine whether your backdrop will have a professional look.

3. How to Choose Colors 

If you want to relate backdrops to your photo objects it's important to choose colors properly. We'll show you how to choose colors very easily even if you feel like you are color blind.

You'll learn our golden rule to use the colors that match together nicely to create backdrops.

4. Learn How to Create One Subtle Texture

Don't worry if you don't have any painting experience. We explain everything in an easy, step-by-step way that you don't need to understand anything about painting.

We will show you how to create one subtle texture.

5. Share Your Backdrops With Us and Creators Community

By the end of this 1-Texture Workshop you should already have created your first backdrop.

We have many students who created many backdrops after watching this course and filled their studios with different backdrops.

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1-Texture Workshop

Simple tools and materials to create backdrops

Here’s everything that’s included:

How To Prepare And Prime

Which Materials To Use

How To Choose Colors 

How To Create One Subtle Texture

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