“I used their techniques to create the best drops in my studio. It has elevated my work product significantly and helped me to better hone in my style of imagery. Highly recommended!!!!!”

- Sean Johnson

1-Texture Workshop


We know you want to create photography backdrops and that's why you are here. This 1-Texture Workshop is the most popular among photographers who want to create their backdrops. You will learn a step-by-step process how to begin and create backdrops.

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What Is 1-Texture Workshop?

This Revolutionary Workshop Is Designed To Show You A Step-By-Step Process, Tools & Materials You NEED To Create Professional Backdrops & Up-Level Your Photography. You Do NOT Need ANY Prior Painting Experience. 

This Workshop Will Walk You Through How To Choose Colors And Create Your Own Color Set, Prepare Your Painting Surfaces And Achieve A Particular Texture Without Looking For Difficult Tools And You Can EASILY Find What You Need In Your Country.

Who Is This 1-Texture Workshop For?

If You Photograph Portraits, Headshots, Family, Maternity, Kids, Newborns Or Fashion Then This Course Will Be A Great Fit For You. If You Are Just Getting Started To Create Backgrounds Or You Want To Know The Exact Steps How To Create Backdrops You Will Find Your Answers In This Course. 

When You Join 1-Texture Workshop,
You Get A Full Instant Access To The Course

Module 1: How To Choose The Right Materials For Your Backdrops

✅ How To Choose Painting Material For Your Backdrops
✅ How To Choose A Size, Measure And Cut
✅ How To Prepare Your Painting Surface And Remove Wrinkles
✅ 4 Different Priming Methods And Which To Choose
 How To Prime Your Canvas


Module 2: How To Use Different Colors That They Would Match Together

✅ How To Use Our Golden Rule To Choose Colors Easily
✅ How To Create Your Own Color Set
✅ How Many Colors To Use In Your Backdrop
✅ How To Find The Right Base Color And Secondary Colors
✅ What Type Of Paint To Use
✅ What You Should Never Use For Your Backdrops


Module 3: How To Create A Really Subtle Texture

✅ Which Tools To Use To Create Texture On Your Backdrop
✅ How Much Paint You Need To Create A Certain Texture
✅ Step-By-Step Process And Our Methodology To Create Backdrops
✅ Painting Techniques To Create A Subtle Texture
How To Create Professionally Looking Backdrops

24/7 Lifetime Access. Create at Your Own Pace.

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Here's a summary of everything you get...

What You Get Inside
1-Texture Workshop

✔️ So you can start and create Backdrops, you're getting: How To Choose The Right Materials For Your Backdrops ($40 Value)

✔️ So you can choose the right paint, colors and create your color set, you're getting: How To Use Different Colors That They Would Match Together ($27 Value)

✔️ So you can make textures and professionally looking backdrops, you're getting: How To Create A Really Subtle Texture ($100 Value)

But WAIT! That's Not All...

Bonus #1: Access To The Private Group

So you can get help, support and feedback on your backgrounds creation journey. Connect with like-minded photographers and take part in Q&A sessions to ensure your creative journey is effective ($97 Value)

Bonus #2: The Migo Studio App

Get On The Go Access to course content & updates with the App so you never lose progress on your phone or computer ($Priceless Value)


100% Money Back Guarantee!

This won't work if you don't try it! But if you join 1-Texture Workshop, implement and complete the action steps, use the group for questions and won't be able to create backgrounds, we will provide extra coaching support to help you on your creative journey or issue you a full 100% refund within 14 days. 

✔️How To Prepare, Prime And Paint Hand-Painted Backdrops To Create Your Personal Style & Up-Level Your Photography

✔️Lifetime Access To The Entire Course Content For You To Go At Your Own Speed

✔️​Videos And Swipe Files Of How To Create Your Own Hand-Painted Backdrops Without Any Painting Experience​

✔️Access To The Inner Circle Community Group For Support & Q&A Sessions

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Today's Price: $27

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Check Out Our Student Testimonials...

Sebastian Kiener

"I am doing my backdrops for a while now but was never 100% satisfied. Your tutorial gave me the last final touch. Thanks for that!"

John Vito

"For years I've researched on how to paint backdrops. This offer is a steal. It answers so many questions on the how and why of painting backdrops. Why would anyone want to spend hours scouring YouTube to piece together painting techniques when it's all there."

David Beecroft

"Thank you for getting me started on my backdrops. I have done a few “paintings” using your method and get used to the method you described in your texture video. I have just gone out and bought more paint using your colour method and will do some big backdrops."

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Regular Price $167
Special Offer
Today's Price: $27

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